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The tower & buildings at Oxford Airport
A PA28 at Sunset in Phoenix
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Name: Andrew Carrick
'the one'
Reason for callsign:
It simply just sounded cool - lol
^ You do the maths - :P
Home county:
Cheshire Lad, Born and Bred
10 A's and B's at G.C.S.E, 3 - A - levels and Level 2 Clearance for working with children with learning disabilities.
Prior to OAA:
St.Joes' High School & College < (Amazing years of my life). Waiter at previously the worst pub ever (unfortunately just got a new manager and I have just left - :() Assistant Egg Collector and Co-ordinator (basically just stack eggs on a free range farm, lol)
Favourite aircraft: 747-400
Dream airline:
Always been BA but Virgin until late 30's where start losing the physical necessities required for staying; then moving to BA.
First and for most just living life to full as we all only get one shot at it. I do see myself as bit of a socialite, so any opportunity to socialize with all parts of society and I mean ALL parts; will be taken.
Hobbies have been lacking of late, just because worked both jobs a lot just before leaving and preparing to come to Oxford. I used to play the Alto Sax and would dearly love to take it up again and currently reading Lord of the Rings Trilogy so any opportunity to read that is gddd.
In the present climate I will take whatever is going be it even cargo just around the U.K for a while before flying the big jets. Ideally it would be BA 747-400 Long haul - Captain Carrick, to anywhere and everywhere in the world, I want to see all of it and ever culture fascinates me.
More About me: 08/12/08 on my way to fulfilling my dream - woop woop.

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