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The tower & buildings at Oxford Airport
A PA28 at Sunset in Phoenix
A PA28 Warrior





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Name: Alex Erving
Airline: Qatar Airways
Flaat: T.B.C

Callsign: 'Swerv'
Reason for callsign: Rhymes with last name and for some reason has been a nickname for years, might have something to do with my incredible agility on the rugby field being 6'2 and 14 stone the irony is not lost, I assure you!!!!
Age: 25
Home county:
Gcse's, A-levels and Degree
Prior to OAA:
to much to mention but lets just say, its been emotional up to now!!!!
Interests: flying, pub quiz's, rugby, cricket
Long haul captain, big ass fancy house in the country and a stupidly fast car that i can scare the crap out of myself driving to Heathrow at 3 in the mourning with no-one else on the M25 apart from me...sweet!!!

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This is Alex!
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AP297 at Oxford Aviation Academy
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